Over 170 users registered!

Since announcing our plans for PubLaunch on October 6 we've had a lot of activity in a short amount of time. In the span of just 10 days, we've registered roughly 170 users. They are editors, marketers and publicists, publishing consultants, illustrators and designers, publishers, and writers. We're thrilled that so many people are as excited about PubLaunch as we are.

We're especially delighted to bring together a diverse group of forward thinking publishers with unique models. Some of these will include BookBaby, JETLAUNCH, BookLogix, and EMRE Publishing.

We're building a curated network of industry professionals that will facilitate relationships between both industry professionals and writers. It'll mean more work and more books for everyone, which is never a bad thing.
More updates to come!

PubLaunch - Coming February 2016

Ontario-based Colborne Communications is parting ways with Pubslush and announcing the start of a new venture called PubLaunch, kicking off on February 1, 2016. PubLaunch is a web-based company that connects trusted industry professionals with writers while providing the crowdfunding services they need to get their projects published.

Colborne Communications announced its acquisition of Pubslush in August. Unfortunately, the deal did not come to fruition and Pubslush has announced that it will be closing its doors after a three-year run as the only crowdfunding site of its kind.

“Our commitment remains unwavering to the authors and publishers who were looking to Pubslush for help on their journeys. We are putting that commitment into action with PubLaunch,” says Greg Ioannou, president of Colborne Communications.