How to Throw a Virtual Launch Party

Last week, we talked about virtual launch parties.  This week we’re talking about how to throw a virtual launch party.

Hosting a virtual launch party doesn’t require as much cleaning, socializing and money as a traditional launch party. This is a great tool for an author who wants to reach fans worldwide. The goal of a virtual launch party is to keep people excited and entertained about your upcoming book, while giving them a chance to interact with you, the author.

Should you throw a virtual launch party?

A few weeks ago, we talked about all the reasons why throwing a book launch party could be a bad idea. Now we’re going to dig a little deeper into one of the alternatives we suggested: throwing a virtual book launch party.

With the bookstore now a firm part of the online world, it only makes sense that the launch party would start to move online too.

An Introduction to Book Cover Design

When it comes time to design a cover for your book, it really is worth it to find an experienced book designer who can create a beautiful, professional-looking cover that will sell your story. Here are some concepts that you should keep in mind as you work with your designer.

Why you need an editor

If you’re an author on a budget, you might think that hiring a professional editor is an extra cost that you can do without. “I’m a great writer,” you might say to yourself, “and I spell-checked my manuscript, so I don’t need an editor.” This would be a big mistake. Even the most talented writers hire editors. (If it weren’t for the advice of his editor, F. Scott Fitzgerald might be best known today for writing a novel called Trimalchio in West Egg or The High-bouncing Lover.[1]) But editors do more than just fix spelling errors—although they do that, too. There are different kinds of editors, and they can work with you at every stage in the publishing process.

How to use Instagram as part of your author platform

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of an online presence for indie authors, and how taking part in social media can help you build and engage with your fanbase. Today we’re going to take a look Instagram, which is among the biggest platforms out there and where you’ll find the younger audiences that are largely inactive on Facebook.