So Your Book Is Getting Published: The First 6 Steps You Need to Take

We get a lot of questions from authors who have just closed a deal with a non-traditional publisher and are not sure what to do next in order to promote themselves before getting published. We decided to adapt one of the answers we gave into a blog post. Note: this list can be easily used to suit a crowdfunding plan as well.

Step 1: Tell the world

Once you know that your book is happening, tell the world that you’re going to be published! Get the message across that you’re now a writer. Look at your LinkedIn, Facebook, and wherever else you hang out online. If you can only be found in one place, now is the time to create some new profiles!

Step 2: The cover

Think about what you want on the front cover. Look on Amazon and in a real bookstore or library for books with covers that you’d like to see. Or just sketch something. Try to come up with three or four different kinds of cover designs that would work for you. Share some of the covers you like on Pinterest – try to get people interested in the cover-creation process.

Step 3: Think about your career

Change your mindset. You are going to be a published author. What do you want to do with that? What will your next book be? Will it appeal to the same readers? Who, in fact, are your readers? Where do they hang out? Are you part of their community? If not, become part of it. Don’t advertise, just join conversations.

Step 4: Think about your brand

Look at how you come across to anyone searching for you on Google. Do you want to come across as someone fun, entertaining, serious, professional? (Think about it before you answer. Some readers would prefer to hang out with – and read a book by – the fun version.) Consciously try to manipulate how you come across. And be active in enough places that all the hits on that first page are of you as a writer, or of someone people will want to spend time with.

Step 5: Control your search results

When you post pictures of yourself online, make sure the filename is something like FirstNameLastName.jpg. That way, Google will know it is you and will exhibit that image in searches.

Step 6: Spread your name

Get your name everywhere you would want people to notice you.