Alleviating Those Crowdfunding Jitters


Crowdfunding is a Numbers Game: Creating the Right Goal and Reward Levels

Imagine for a moment you’ve spent hours creating the “perfect” campaign. Your goal is to raise $10,000, you’ve set your campaign page to “live,” and the contributions are rolling in.

It’s now the day before your campaign ends and you’ve had 150 contributions. That’s more than you ever expected. You’re thrilled by the support, but then you look at the amount of funds raised. You’ve only reached 30% of your goal!

Building Your Crowdfunding Contact List

Building your campaign page is only half the battle. Yes, you do have to put a lot of effort into creating your campaign page, setting your target, and building your rewards, but if you don’t do any actual campaigning once that’s all done, you won’t be successful.

Why you need to build contact lists

Before I push ahead, I’m going to bust the myth that I’ve had to break repeatedly for first-time crowdfunders: