Should You Throw a Virtual Launch Party?

A few weeks ago, we talked about all the reasons why throwing a book launch party could be a bad idea. Now we’re going to dig a little deeper into one of the alternatives we suggested: throwing a virtual book launch party.

With the bookstore now a firm part of the online world, it only makes sense that the launch party would start to move online too.

So, what is the virtual book launch party?

How you conduct yours is up to you, but generally writers create an event page and invite their friends and fans to attend. The goal is to get people excited, keep them entertained, give them a chance to interact directly with you the writer, and spread the word about your upcoming book. Hosts post frequently throughout the event, use specific hashtags for attendees to share, and hold contests and games for people to participate in.

Why do it?

There are a few reasons that the virtual party could work for you.

  1. It’s free! (Mostly) That’s right, no need to pay for event space or food and drinks for all your freeloading friends. All it’ll cost you is your time and a few giveaways.

  2. It spreads the word beyond your immediate network. In a successful virtual launch, you’ll get your network sharing your posts, hashtag, and book title with their friends (usually in exchange for a prize), which will get your book promoted a lot further than it would at a non-virtual party.

  3. It builds hype for the book and gets everyone involved. The virtual launch can be a great way to engage your readers, fans, and followers who you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

  4. It gives you something to celebrate. Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment, so if you can’t throw a non-virtual launch party, the virtual version can satisfy those urges to party.

Have we persuaded you yet?

The virtual launch is not for everyone, but to us it make sense to celebrate and promote your book online where most of your readers live and the vast majority of your platform exists. If you disagree (or have more thoughts on the virtues of the virtual launch) feel free to leave a comment below!

Next time, we’ll talk about what goes into throwing a successful online book launch.