How to Throw a Virtual Launch Party

Last week, we talked about virtual launch parties.  This week we’re talking about how to throw a virtual launch party.

Hosting a virtual launch party doesn’t require as much cleaning, socializing and money as a traditional launch party. This is a great tool for an author who wants to reach fans worldwide. The goal of a virtual launch party is to keep people excited and entertained about your upcoming book, while giving them a chance to interact with you, the author.

Step 1: Create your event page online (we suggest Facebook) and invite everybody.

Yes, you can invite your friends even though they probably already know about your book. You should encourage them to invite people in their own web of connections. It is really important to invite other authors and fans of your book so that your virtual book launch party is talked about.

Step 2: Pick a theme. 

Now, you might be thinking, “Why would I need a theme for an online party? I don’t need decorations or matching plates or party hats!” Well, this is where you would be wrong.  You should create some type of banner, event page picture, and #hashtags that go along with your book. By having a cohesive, fun theme, you will draw in fans. You need to decorate it just like a real party!

Step 3: Plan. 

You should plan everything you need for this virtual party before the date rolls around.  

  • Write your posts and plan when you will post them, especially if your event lasts for more than a couple of hours. We suggest that your virtual party lasts from 12pm-8pm. It is important to have a long enough party in order to generate enough buzz and give fans enough time to get to the event! There should be posts at least hourly to keep fans interested and entertained.  

  • Create blog posts, Facebook Statuses, Tweets, etc., to promote the event beforehand and explain exactly what will be happening at the party.

  • Create contests so that your fans have something to look forward to. Buy or create an abundance of prizes and reward the most dedicated fans.  

Step 4: It’s Party Day!

Be enthusiastic! You want your virtual launch party to be memorable. Encourage people to participate (this is where the cool theme and prizes come in). Use your planned posts and adjust them as needed. Post often, go with the flow, and make it fun!

Step 5: Closing post.

You’ll want to thank everybody who came to your party when it is over, post winners of contests, and distribute the prizes.

After it is over, pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy yourself.  At least there’s no mess!