How to Manage Your Crowdfunding Campaign - Infographic

Since we’re still accepting new campaigns, we thought we’d post something useful to anyone thinking about crowdfunding (or working on a project right now). The biggest challenge that most people face during this process is usually figuring out what needs to happen in what order so that supporters will actually come to the page. Managing and promoting a campaign in an effective way can be especially challenging for a writer who normally spends his or her time thinking about reading and writing rather than marketing.

Given that this is such a prominent issue, we’ve decided to adapt (and partially preview) what we’ll later be using in our Learning Center on the official site.

To that end, here’s our suggested timeline. The thing to remember when approaching your crowdfunding campaign is that there is no formula. We didn't include specific timing because this may be different for everyone. If you're trying to raise $50,000 you'll have to start preparing many months ahead of the person trying to raise $2,000 (who can probably get by with just their friends and family). But, no matter who you are, remember to give yourself plenty of time.

These are basic ideas that should work for everyone, but don’t hesitate to get creative and branch out!

Overall, the main goal is to share your campaign with as many people as possible (without shoving it down their throats of course).