Our Beta Launch

Last Monday, we very quietly launched the first part of PubLaunch's beta site -- just the core function, the crowdfunding. Since then, we've been tweaking, and will continue to do so. If you find a bug, please let us know. (Yes, we know "See All" shows you far from "all." Please let us know if you spot more of that kind of thing.)

The next part we'll roll out is the "Marketplace" -- the bit that helps writers find editors, designers, marketing people, and so on, for their publishing projects. You can register for that already, but there's no rush. That won't launch until April or even May. We want to make sure it works properly before letting the world see it.

Anyway, the crowdfunding part is live and works smoothly. Our first eight campaigns are up and running -- one is even at 70% of its target.

So if you know any writers who want to self-publish and are looking to crowdfund to cover the costs, please send 'em over! (Or if you submit a quote for work on a book and the customer can't afford you, we can help them raise the money.)