Three Writing Tools That Will Improve Your Novel-ing

Technology can do almost anything these days. Except write your novel for you. However, there are a growing number of ingenious online writing tools that will do their very best to help you with your writing struggles. Here are just a few of them:


Built by a combination of tech geeks and writers, Novlr is the all-encompassing online writing tool that aims to give you everything you need to get your novel done. The tool prides itself on using a collaborative style to add new features, which means they’re constantly building and improving the existing site. As we speak, they have 17 live features, 5 in development, 18 in the pipeline, and 18 proposed. Users get to suggest and vote on features they’d like to see next. Existing features include “Focus Mode” (a feature that fades out everything on your screen except for the words you’re typing) statistics to keep track of your daily word count, writing speed, and Dropbox backups.

Hemingway app:

The Hemingway Editor makes editing suggestions based on a series of rules in the school of Ernest Hemingway. It’ll assess your text and flag problematic areas like long and complicated sentences, difficult words, adverbs, and passive voice. The app will even assign your writing a grade based on how well you meet its criteria.

(We tried out this post in the Hemingway app and were assigned a reading grade of 8, classified as “good”, with points deducted for long sentences.)


For those hankering for a NaNoWriMo fix all year long, Pacemaker uses a series of features to replicate the intense and goal-oriented experience. Originally designed specifically for a graduate student named Susanna to help her finish her 15,000 word thesis, the site now helps all writers complete their goals. Create a plan using a word count goal and a strategy to help you get there, along with stats to record your progress. You can make your writing plan look the way you want, whether that means writing 2 words on day one and 20,000 on day 60 or writing the same number of words each day. You can also use one of their prefabbed templates.

We’d love to hear about your own go-to writing tools. Leave your suggestions in the comments below!