The PubLaunch Referral Program

Refer a writer to PubLaunch and you’ll earn 10% of our revenue from the writer’s first project on PubLaunch.


Send a prospective client who can't afford your services to our crowdfunding platform.
If you're fully booked, refer writers to our Marketplace platform instead of turning them away.
Use PubLaunch to work with current clients who need additional services you don't offer.


What you’ll get:

1. Receive 10% of our revenue from a referred writer’s first project.

2. Use the platform for free! When you refer a writer with a project you’re working on, we’ll reimburse our 10% commission from your service.

3. Get paid on the first of every month (once you’ve passed the $25 threshold).



If you refer someone to us and they buy $10,000 of services from our suppliers through our Marketplace, we get 10% commission, or $1,000. You get 10% of that, or $100.

If you refer someone to us and they raise $20,000 through our crowdfunding platform, we get 5% commission, or $1,000. You get 10% of that, or $100.

What they’ll get:

1. The opportunity to crowdfund a project they otherwise couldn’t afford.

2. Easy access to a team of suppliers who can offer the services they need.

3. Project management tools that keep them (and you) on track.

4. No registration or membership fees.

How does it work?

Register as a PubLaunch supplier. When your referred writer signs up at, they’ll be prompted to enter your first and last name. We take care of the rest!

Want to refer writers to our site without offering services? Contact us at